The True Holistic Dental Practice and the Fake


It has become something of a fashion for dentists to call themselves Holistic or Biological dentists. You should know how to distinguish the genuine Holistic Dental Melbourne based practitioner and the others who are simply passing themselves off as holistic dentists.

This is not true holistic dentistry

Some dentists have their own way of defining what constitutes holistic dentistry. Fillings and amalgams made of mercury are a real threat to health. These days it is the norm to avoid the use of mercury and fillings that contain cancer-causing BPA. If your dentist follows this practice and calls himself a holistic dentist it is only partly true. There is much more to holistic practices as you will find at your genuine holistic dentist Donvale based.

This is quackery

There are dentists who go to the extreme. You will find dentists following unsound practices such as hair analysis and muscle testing. Some dentists will pontificate that imbalance in spinal fluid and cranial fluid can be the cause for temporomandibular joint pain and will recommend various types of therapies or massage that will not work. This is a quackery you should stay away from. Genuine holistic dentists alleviate temporomandibular joint pain by recommending rest, use of prosthetics where necessary, massage and similar genuinely holistic practices.

Holistic dentistry is systemic

Yes, holistic dentists do avoid the use of BPA fillings and amalgams choosing to recommend safer alternatives. However, there is more to it than just fillings and amalgams. Holistic means overall systemic health and that includes both physical and mental health. Go for treatments at a genuine holistic dentist's clinic and this is what happens.

  • Your dentist checks your oral cavity for problems. At the same time, he also checks your overall bodily health and state of mind. Stress can cause issues such as temporomandibular joint pain and teeth grinding issues. Treatment follows steps to alleviate the stress and safe therapies such as rest, massage, hot-cold compress and use of an appliance to prevent teeth grinding.
  • What you eat affects your overall health and your teeth too. If dental caries happens then the cause could be genetic or man-made. In the case of the latter what you eat and how frequently you eat as well as your oral health hygiene practice all have an influence and are inter-connected. You receive guidance on the use of the right brush, toothpaste, and brushing technique. If you keep snacking frequently then it is time to stop and eat only at fixed intervals. Do you rinse your mouth after eating? If not, do it to preserve teeth for a long time. Give up sweet, sugary, refined flour snacks in favor of fibrous vegetables and fruits. Your teeth stay clean and your health improves.
  • A holistic lifestyle is important for good oral and system health, something your dentist who believes in holistic practices will tell you if you do not already know it.

Visit holistic dental Melbourne clinic or contact us, a truly genuine holistic place where you receive the right guidance and treatments.